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Environmental Technology Companyx

ETC is a full-service environmental engineering, consulting, and management company.
ETC was founded to provide top quality services while committing to keeping overall project costs down with a turnkey capability that yields the right solution at the first time.

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Quality Policy

ETC is a full-service environmental engineering, consulting, and management company. ETC believes that client satisfaction, cost competitiveness, and business success are derived from achieving high standards of quality and on-time performance. ETC builds strong relationships with its clients and suppliers by emphasizing the mutual benefits of the robust quality management system and procedures applied to all aspects of ETC’s operations and activities

Health & Safety

ETC acknowledges health and safety practices within the workplace. As required, when attending a client’s site to undertake work ETC will complete an HSE Risk Assessment to assess expected hazards and risks. Always we will follow safety rules and instructions. We will provide our worker with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as directed by our clients. PPE will be regularly maintained. Incidents will be recorded, investigated as required and communicated to clients as instructed.

Corporate Sustainability

ETC aspires to minimize its impact on our environment and maximize the effective use of resources. To achieve this by increasing fostering responsible environmental behavior amongst staff, volunteers, and users at all levels.
ETC is committed not only to complying with the applicable law in all of its operations but to minimize risks and impacts through the development of robust and documented systems to implement, measure, monitor, and disseminate excellent environmental performance both within its operations and to the broader community.

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Environmental Solution

About Us x

Environmental Technology Company (ETC) is an environmental solution company, working in the field of contaminated sites assessment and remediation, developer of oily sludge treatment technologies and forerunner in the development of sustainable and innovative solutions for the management of waste needs.
ETC provides an integrated Environmental Solutions, where contaminants are traced from cradle to grave. ETC offers industry practical and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of sludge treatment applications including crude oil tank bottoms, sludge from pits or waste lagoons and refinery generated oily wastes.

Our Vission

To be the independent environmental solution and consultant company of choice to all our clients and a respected name in our industry.

Our Mission

ETC aim to become the market leaders in Environmental Management and related services and products. Through our professionalism we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing efficient service, adding value to their business and providing them with a competitive edge.

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Environmental Consultancy

Hazardous Waste Management

Project Management

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Field Operations

Our Services x

Biological Treatment for contaminated soil, oily sludge and contaminated water.

ETC had been teaming with one of the world famous bioreactor design and operating companies, Petrozyme. The Petrozyme Process©, enables the onsite handling and treatment of hazardous oily wastes. The Petrozyme Process© is a reactor-based biological process for the degradation of oily sludge wastes from petroleum activities. The Petrozyme Process© utilizes advanced fermentation technology to degrade the [...]

Hazardous Waste Management Services

ETC brings professionals’ years of experience successfully managing waste of all types, including, mixed, hazardous and sanitary, and working closely with regulators to ensure safety, and compliance in the handling, processing, treating, transporting, and disposing of these wastes.

Groundwater Remediation

ETC is in-situ remediation contracting firm. Combining a strong technical background with practical experience in a wide variety of geologic and hydrogeologic environments, ETC offers clients cost-effective treatment options.

Oily Sludge Management

ETC under the contract “Removal & Treatment of Oil Sludge, HQ383EM03” completed to the best satisfaction of Khafji Joint Operations (KJO) the project using centrifuging technology to separate sludge components of solids, liquids and recover oil. Over 145,000 cubic meter of sludge was processed and more than 394,000 bbl of good quality oil was recovered and returned to the client production line.

Risk Assessments Studies

Risk-based decisions should consider scientific, regulatory, and societal factors, as well as costs and benefits. ETC is confident that our firm in cooperation with our consortium can successfully confront the multi-layered issues that arise when humans are exposed to chemical agents.

Contaminated Soil risk assessment studies and Remedial Actions.

ETC has successfully completed projects for contaminated Soil risk assessment studies and Remedial Actions.

Air Pollution Testing Services

• Emissions inventories
• Modelling
• Meteorological monitoring
• Ambient air monitoring
• Risk Management Plans

Waste Management services.

ETC can manage the entire disposal process, coordinate specialist subcontractors and ensure that your waste and contaminated substances are disposed of safely and conveniently. In addition, we ensure compliance with all statutory requirements concerning the recycling and reuse of waste.

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