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Contaminated Soil Treatment Projects

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Contaminated Soil Treatment Projects

SR# Project name Client Start Date End Date Scope of Work


Contract No. PR# 6510540074 –  Decontamination and treatment of abandoned oil pits GOSP2&3

Saudi Aramco

July 2012

June 2013


This project contained two different oil pits with 20 km distance between both of it, ETC were able to run both sites and decontaminated both of them in parallel. The overall scope of work included: Decontamination of the two oil sludge pond.  Removal of liquid, Recover saleable oil, Excavate contaminated soil/sand, Enhanced bioremediation using indigenous microorganisms, Bio-pile technology for contaminated sand treatment, Bioreactor technology for oily sludge treatment.



Contract No./PR#  3000348779 – Decontamination and Treatment of Abandoned Oil Pit GOSP5

Saudi Aramco

August 2010

August 2011


The project includes the removal of the entire liquid volume of the pond, all visibly contaminated sludge and soil up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters below the bottom of the pit and the sidewall brims of the pit. Phase one of the project involved the removal of liquid and recovery of oil using three-phase decanter centrifuge 7700 cubic meters of clean oil recovered and transfer/ pumped back to Aramco oil facility.  The second phase of the project started in February 2011, which included the excavation and bioremediation of contaminated soil and sludge using engineered biopile/Biocell and bioreactor technologies. The bioprocess was developed considering risks and health and safety issues related to microbiological processes used for treating contaminated soil and sludge.



Contract No. HQ383EM03- Removal & Treatment of Oil Sludge

Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)

May 2006

May 2007


Under the contract ‘’ Removal & Treatment of Oil Sludge, HQ383EM03’ was completed to the best satisfaction of KJO, the project was using centrifuging technology to separate sludge components of solids, liquids and recover oil. Centrifugation process which results in recovering valuable hydrocarbon products. This centrifugation system used to treat more than 170,000 cubic meters of oily sludge from tens of pits in Al Khafji recovering more than 394,000 bbl of good quality oil which meets international standards, of saleable oil (BSW < 2%).



RTR Flare Area Characterization

Saudi Aramco

June 2013

August 2013

Risk assessment study tier1&3 for 3 oily ponds