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Groundwater Remediation

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ETC is in-situ remediation contracting firm. Combining a strong technical background with practical experience in a wide variety of geologic and hydrogeologic environments, ETC offers clients cost-effective treatment options.

Soil and groundwater contamination are relatively common. Much of the cost associated with a remediation system is a function of the remediation system design. There is a onetime capital cost associated with new equipment, and there is a continual recurring operation and maintenance (O M) cost. The remediation method selected has a significant effect on O M cost. Treatment methods, such as carbon and resin beds, typically have a low capital cost, but a high O M cost, however, regardless of the remediation system selected, a good design can minimize unnecessary O M costs. Typically, site visits are necessary to record data and collect samples to evaluate remediation system progress. If inexpensive preventive maintenance is not conducted, costly, major corrective maintenance may be required later.

Remediation systems include air strippers; oil/water separators; vacuum extraction systems; catalytic and thermal incinerators; carbon beds; air sparging systems; and biological treatment systems.

Groundwater work:

  • Groundwater Wells drilling
  • Sampling, Monitoring and Quality assurance
  • Groundwater risk assessment
  • Groundwater remediation program including operation and maintenance of remedial